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Wu3 da4 fly a "rock" Wan Lin art museum opened yesterday

Date: 2015-05-14

After more than two years of the "polished", modelling such as the "flying stone" wuhan university Wan Lin art museum opened yesterday afternoon. The museum by wuhan university alumni, taikang life insurance co., LTD., chairman and chief executive of dung-sheng Chen individual investment is 120 million yuan RMB endowed, created the domestic university funded by alumni personal endowed with professional standards of art museum. Dung-sheng Chen also donated a batch of about 30 million yuan worth of art to the museum, including qi baishi, chang, Zhou Shaohua, fang lijun, YueMinJun and other famous works, and the first President of wuhan university shi-jie wang's calligraphy.
The museum architectural achievement of the "first" domestic buildings difficulty - a total length of 78 meters, up to 28 meters, the span of the front-end cantilever 48 meters, look the whole building most of the building is in a suspended state. The whole building area of more than 8000 square meters, underground, the ground three layers, each facade aluminium alloy plate are made by artificial casting, knock, concave and convex feeling of manual to make buildings more like a piece of outer slungshot, have called it a "Shi Lifang", also known as "stone", wuhan university teachers and students, alumni after the vote, "flying stone" calls for the highest. Designer zhu's introduction, its design follows "borrow the shape of wu3 da4 landscape, wu3 da4 people writing the rhyme" concept, show the modern artistic beauty of "stone form hydrosphere" modelling.
Dung-sheng Chen graduated in 30 years and endowed his Alma mater, 120 anniversary year of the museum. Dung-sheng Chen, said he traveled around the world love to two places is a museum and university, see the world famous universities such as harvard, Yale has very good art gallery, especially at Stanford university museum square, a complete set of rodin's sculptures are people donate, so he very early for Alma mater plan to donate art museum. "When I graduated from university, in the top LuoJiaShan a stone carved an image of a" beginning "word, motivate yourself 'journey, begins with a single step"." He said, the museum design into a stone of flying is the echo of the volunteers. And the name of the museum, is to use dung-sheng Chen father's name, named after the dung-sheng Chen said: "I in his hometown of donated Wan Lin science and technology building, school donated Wan Lin library, and a mark of forefathers."
"Flying stone" of the modern and antique old wu3 da4 buildings don't take the once controversial, the President li said: "it may be a distinctive feature of blue glazed tile with early in the history of wu3 da4 buildings not harmonious, but it would be Wu Daxin landmarks of The Times. When wu3 da4 was established in 150, 200, take a look at the building, will see it emits light." In addition, Wu Dazheng forge a history museum, museum of nature and art museum community, including the history museum and by premier zhou enlai's former residence, wen yiduo memorial, consisting of guo moruo's former residence and so on LuoJiaShan 18 "historical and cultural education base" and "patriotic education base", Wan Lin art museum in the completion of the opening for the school added a platform for art education. School wanted to build a world class university museum of art, not only in the service of wu3 da4, teachers and students are open to the public for free.
More than 70 large coffee works on display and shiny
As opening Wan Lin wuhan university art museum, "fusion: contemporary Chinese art" since 1930, ranging from the 1930 s, each historical period of the representative artists and works, photoiournalist, Lin Fengmian, Chen, wu zuoren, JinShangYi, zeng fanzhi higher-ups in art works of more than 70 (set) one by one, listen to the name alone drunk. Wuhan audience can seldom at home a one-off appreciation to so many people work, has not been developed, and the long lines at the entrance line for several meters.
All participating works collection from taikang life, both are eye-catching. Created in 1972, "the song of the Yellow River" is famous painter Chen street, this oil painting on the concepts and techniques are reflected the highest level of the oil painting creation, also was one of the most satisfied work Chen thinks, become a gleaming new China art history.
Oil on canvas, Adam and eve in the new age of enlightenment "is known as the" 85 "art movement of the first go down in history, the painting creation in 1985, when the author Meng Luding and chang chun is the oil painting department of central academy of fine arts students, their collaborating on the work in" China youth art in progress ".
The Mr Wu zuoren, a former central academy of fine arts dean a giant painting of the creation in 1977, the field chrysanthemum is sweet the also to the pavilion. According to introducing, proficient in western oil painting realistic techniques of wu zuoren in painting after decades of ink painting, this picture is not "oil painting", and on the technique into the propaganda, watercolor, traditional Chinese painting methods.
To say from the choice of work and the historical span, the audience can understand the oil painting and photography both at the same time artistic media in China's development and change. The exhibition until on May 28, the general public free exhibition.