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340 species of endangered plants in the exhibition

Date: 2015-05-14

What is the world's largest plant seeds look like? Yesterday, wuhan botanical garden of rare and endangered plant protection science tour across the country, many people come, see the "giant panda" plant kingdom.
Wuhan botanical garden collected 340 species of endangered plants from all over the world together in the form of physical or panel, including rare plants from the seychelles, and rare plants in hubei, etc.
In order to facilitate public viewing, on the popular science exhibition, 15 species of rare and endangered plants in the form of potted physical presentation. The public can see very rare flagship world of rare and endangered plants sea coconut and welwitschia. From Africa, the seychelles national treasure of the sea coconut is one of the three rare plants in the world, sea coconut seed is currently found in the world's largest plant seeds, in adulthood can reach 30 kg weight, and sea coconut leaves the most large area of 27 square meters. Welwitschia growth in Africa, Angola is a plant on the coast in the desert, life can be up to nearly one thousand years, and only two pieces of leaves in one thousand, will never be another long leaves grow, it is also a kind of plant is a "living fossil" of ancient times to stay, very precious.
Hubei buckthorn of rare plants and western hubei, yichang boxwood, video car and so on also on display. Greenhouse in landscape, "the king of fern, a" living fossil, "said the sign, the world's most poisonous tree" curare wood "to attract public attention.