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In the han, China expo 18th Thousands of tourist routes the price preferential benefit

Date: 2015-05-14

May 18-20, during the ninth in the "expo", the eighth travel exposition and the first Yangtze river tourism expo central China (hereinafter referred to as "China expo") will be held at wuhan international exhibition center. Exhibiting the article will provide thousands price tour line, many scenic spots in the province will also provide nearly thousands of tickets, for free delivery and lucky draw.
In the east lake scenic area will send CARDS, shennongjia to send packages, thin knife peak, enshi grand canyon several scenic spots in the province to provide tickets, such as the travel group will, field, sorrow, to send the lottery. Travel agencies also provide hotel vouchers, scenic spot ticket for lottery, including yichang xiling scenic spot ticket, eastern time tickets, President cruise tickets, a four-star hotel vouchers, etc.
During the expo, China will have to travel from 17 countries and regions, buyers come to purchase travel products, our province will focus on promoting 5 lines, respectively is to take a trip to mount wudang, the Yangtze river three gorges tour, entering the shennongjia tour new three gorges tour, wuhan huacheng road trip to the grand canyon and red cliff in The Three Kingdoms culture tour.